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We are researchers and problem solvers. We are experts in machine learning. We address issues when machine learning models are deployed in the real world at an industrial scale.

We partner with Naver. Naver is the most-used search engine in South Korea. Naver’s ML research groups are one of the best in the world: Naver Clova and Naver Labs Europe. Naver has internalised 100B-scale language models.

We are in Tübingen. Tübingen hosts great ML research institutes: University of Tübingen, Tübingen AI Center, and MPI-IS, to name a few. NT Parameter Lab is at the heart of the ecosystem of best ML brains.

Tübingen is a lovely, old university town with beautiful, iconic architecture. It is one of the sunniest spots in Germany. If you like hiking, skiing, swimming, or just relaxing in nature, Tübingen is the best place for you.